Empowered Mama Home Workout

Empowered Mama Home Workout Empowered Mama Home Workout

The Empowered Mama Home Workout Programme is designed with mama's and their specific post natal needs in mind.
You will need minimal equipment one long light resistance band, a mini band and a set of light dumbells will be all you need.

3 home workouts per week that are 20 minutes each so that they are easy to fit into your busy days as a mum.

The workouts are broken into 3 modules. One module per month for 3 months. Within each module their are progressions for when you are ready to move on to more difficult movements or increase the reps. Please stick to the programming and don't skip ahead. This programme is carefully designed by our post natal exercise specialists to help you rebuild and strengthen your body.

The guidelines for return to exercise postnatally are 6 weeks for a vaginal delivery and 10 weeks for a C-Section. This programme is not suitable for 0-6weeks post natal. We advise you to see a pelvic floor physiotherapist before returning to exercise after having your baby.

Our post natal specific nutrition programme has been built and designed by Dr. Michelle Hone of The Fit Clinic. 

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