Welcome lovely Mama


At the Empowered Mama we understand that having a baby is one of the most amazing, joyful events in a woman's life. Having said that we as Mama's ourselves also understand that all of those changes that your body and life experience during pregnancy and postnatally can leave you feeling disconnected, unmotivated, weak and tired. We appreciate that finding time to exercise as a new mum is very challenging which is why at our Empowered Mama mum and baby fitness classes mums can bring their babies along to the gym with them, therefore making it a little easier for Mama to find some time out to focus on herself and her recovery in her hectic schedule. We provide changing facilities, have lots of toys and mats to keep babies entertained while Mama trains with qualified and knowledgeable pre and post natal exercise specialists who aim for injury free, safe, consistent progress. We have created a brilliant atmosphere of support, encouragement and camaraderie in our classes in Bray, Sandyford, D2 Dublin City and Glasnevin as well as in our online community. This important element helps our Mama's fall in love with movement and make friends with empowering like minded women.

Our programmes are designed to heal and strengthen simultaneously. We take into consideration everything a Mama's body has gone through in pregnancy and birth to make sure that your workouts will aid your recovery and not hinder it. All of our workouts are diastasis recti (low grade 1-2 fingers) safe. As well as doing a total body strength workout with cardio elements, we aim to strengthen and lengthen the pelvic floor, to activate and strengthen the deep abdominals and work the core as a whole. We spend time working on breathing and posture to have you moving more effectively and functionally in your everyday life. 

We don't like to put a emphasis on 'fat loss' or 'weight loss'. This is not the time for women to be focused on these goals or to go into a calorie deficit diet. However with consistent, sensible movement and training while adopting a healthy, nutritious diet weight loss will happen when your body is ready. Patience and consistency are the two key elements if this is your goal.

We strongly recommended that each and every mama attends a women's health physio before resuming any exercise programme.